/ / Palazzo degli Alberti: photos, description (Palazzo degli Alberti)

Palazzo degli Alberti: photos, description (Palazzo degli Alberti)

Palazzo degli Alberti is a historic building in the centre of Prato in Tuscany. Once it housed the savings Bank "cashier di Risparmio di Prato", known as Cariprato, and he kept a huge collection of works of art. In 2013-m to year it became known that Bank "the Bank Popolare di Vicenza, which owns the building, moved part of the collection in Vicenza.

The history of Palazzo degli Alberti dates back to the 13th century, as evidenced by the traces of the old loggias and window openings, and later closed, the facade Dating from that period. They were made of "Pietra Alberese" - Tuscan varieties of limestone. The current façade is the result of later restorations took place in the late 15th - early 16th centuries. To this period belongs the construction of the portal, Windows and two decorative frames. On the corner of the Palazzo remained the family crest of the family of Bardi di Vernio to which, among others, belonged to the wife of Cosimo de ' Medici Contessina de Bardi.

The Bank "Cassa di Risparmio, was founded in 1830, the year, and took the Palazzo degli Alberti in the 1870-th year. In subsequent years the building was renovated and expanded to its current size. The Palace has long worked as an art gallery in which was exhibited a variety of masterpieces of Italian painting, including the painting "the Crowning with thorns" by Caravaggio (1603-y. In addition, the gallery kept working Toscana artists of the Baroque period (17-18 th centuries), such as Matteo Rosselli, Jacopo Vignali, Giovanni Battista Vanni, Francesco Furini, Giovanni Beliver, Carlo Dolci, Cesare and other Works of the Renaissance included the paintings of Filippo Lippi, Giovanni Bellini, Santi di Tito. A separate exhibition presented sculptural group of local artist Lorenzo Bartolini.