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Palazzo Giustinian: photos, description (Palazzo Giustinian)

Palazzo Giustinian is a luxurious Palace located in the Dorsoduro district of Venice, near the famous house CA’ Foscari. This Palace, overlooking the Grand canal, is one of the best examples of late Venetian Gothic. Here was the last resting place of a French Princess Louisa Maria Theresa.

The Palazzo was built in the late 15th century, probably with the participation of sculptor and architect Bartolomeo Bon. Originally, the Palace consisted of two separate buildings, each of which belonged to different branches of the genus Justinian, and later both were connected with the Central section of the facade. Today these buildings are known as CA’ Giustinian dei vescovi, which now houses a branch of the University CA’ Foscari and CA’ Giustinian dalle Jodie, privately owned. Behind the facade of both buildings are still separated from each other by narrow alleys "Calle", which, through the portico-tunnel "sottoportego" attached to the Central portal.

Justinian family sold the Palazzo in the 19th century. In the century in this magnificent Palace has been home to such celebrities as the painter Natale Schiavoni, the German composer Richard Wagner, who wrote here the second act of "Tristan and Isolde", and the last Duchess of Parma, Louisa Maria Theresa of Artois d.

Palazzo Giustinian and standing next to CA'foscari share many decorative elements. They both have L-shaped with four floors and the upper floors are adorned with arched Windows. The so-called floor "piano Nobile" Windows, both buildings form restauracni arcade with interwoven floral motifs. In the back yard of CA’ dei vescovi Justinian you can see a Gothic staircase, and for the CA’ delle Justinian Jodie large garden.