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Palazzo Isnello: photos, description (Palazzo Isnello)

Palazzo Isnello, also known as Palazzo Termine d Isnello and the Palazzo Sant'antonio al Cassaro is the ancient Palace in the style of Sicilian Baroque, standing between the ancient streets, the Cassaro and Piazza Borsa, in the Kalsa quarter in Palermo. On the arches of the ballroom, located on the front floor of the Palace, you can see the fresco of the Glorification of Palermo, one of the seven monumental images of the spirit of Palermo, the ancient city deity.

The Palazzo, built during the 18th century and finally completed in 1760, was designed by an unknown architect for the counts of Isnello and rulers Baucina - commune, reporting to Palermo. The Palace, the chief facade of which overlooks the street via Cassaro, was erected with the Union of six existed in this place of the medieval buildings. In the 19th century up to 1843 there lived a historian Michele Amari, has not yet fallen out of favor with the rulers of the Kingdom of the two Sicilies for their separatist and revolutionary ideas that he expressed in the article about the Sicilian Vespers. For this he was exiled to France. During the Second World war, the Palazzo was severely damaged from selected American bombs, but in subsequent years restored. Since 1980-ies dance hall and several other rooms of the Palace can be rented for various events, but the other rooms are private property. In 2006 on the Eastern facade of the Palazzo was placed a plaque in honor of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Michele Amari.