/ / The Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti: photos, description (Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti)

The Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti: photos, description (Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti)

The Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti Palace on the Grand canal in Venice, located near the Accademia Bridge and Palazzo Barbaro. Since 1999, the year it hosts the Institute of Sciences, literature and art of the Veneto region and hosts regular cultural events.

The Palace was built in 1565 year. In the 19th century on the initiative of a number of notable owners, it was completely rebuilt in the Venetian Gothic style, with special emphasis on the rich design of the Windows.

The first reconstruction of the Palazzo Cavalli-Gussoni, as it was known then, was carried out after 1840, the year when his owner was the young Austrian Archduke Frederick Ferdinand. He intended to implement a number of projects aimed at strengthening the presence of the Habsburg dynasty on the Grand canal, as in those years the Venetian territory belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After the untimely death of the Archduke in 1847, the year the Palazzo was bought by count Henri de Chambord, which requested further restoration work to the architect Giambattista Meduna. A portrait of this architect with a luxurious Cathedral Santa Maria della Salute in the background can be seen in the Palazzo Ducale in Modena.

In 1878, the year of Baron Raimondo Franchetti, who married Sara Louise de Rothschild, daughter of Anselm Rothschild of the Vienna Rothschilds, bought the Palazzo Cavalli-Gussoni and gave it his name. He continued the reconstruction of the Palace, hiring for the architect Camillo Boito, who constructed a large staircase. And in 1922, the year the Franchetti's widow sold the Palace to one of the state companies of the Veneto region.