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Palazzo Chiablese: photos, description (Palazzo Chiablese)

Palazzo Chiablese is one of the side wings of the Palazzo Reale in Turin. First was the residence of the Duke of Chablais and then Carlo Felice, king of Sardinia, and Ferdinando, Duke of Genoa. Today, the building houses a collection dedicated to the history of Piedmont. The Palazzo is open for visits on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and during cultural events.

Chiablese Palazzo, located in Piazza San Giovanni, is an integral part of the Royal Palace, Palazzo Reale, once the former residence of Savoy and kings of Sardinia. Here lived Prince Maurice of Savoy and his wife Christine Louise before they moved to the Villa Regina.

From 1753, the year the Palazzo was the residence of Benedetto of Savoy, son of Charles Emmanuel III and Elisabeth Therese, from the title which the Duke of Chablais - it got its name. The Duke had improved the interiors of the Palazzo with the participation of popular in those years, a Savoyard architect Benedetto Alfieri. After the death of Chablais, the Palace became home to his wife Maria Anna, who bequeathed it to his brother Charles Felix, Duke of Genoa. In the 19th century, during the Napoleonic occupation, the building housed the provisional government. Also here lived Pauline Bonaparte, one of Napoleon's sisters, and her husband Camillo Borghese.

During the Second world war Palazzo Chiablese was bombed, was seriously damaged, with much of its original decoration and furnishings have been lost. In the 1950s the building became the property of the state, and later it housed a dormitory and kitchen for the students of the National Institute for soldiers ' daughters. Until 1995, the year Palazzo Chiablese employed urban cinematic archive.