/ / Palazzo Lunch: photo description (Palazzo Lancia)

Palazzo Lunch: photo description (Palazzo Lancia)

Palazzo Lunch, also known as Skyscraper Lunch - high-rise building in Turin. Originally built by order of Gianni Lunch, the President and son of the founder of the Italian automotive company Lancia as the headquarters of the company. In the 1950s the firm produced cars, buses, trucks, engines, spare parts and instrument panels for vans. "Lancia" was less work, than "Fiat", but, nevertheless, the headquarters was needed to accommodate administrative offices and important meetings. In Turin in those years, small companies have not had similar.

Janie Lunch wanted, to management, accounting and technical Department was housed under one roof. The project headquarters was established in 1953, the year of his own architectural office Lunch under the guidance of architect Nino Rosani. In March 1954, the year construction began. I must say that Gianni himself Lunch and have not been fortunate enough to work in a skyscraper, since 1956, the year a controlling stake in the company was sold to "the cement Baron" of the family Pesenti. Since 1957, the year the Palazzo Lunch carried out the plan functions - served as administrative and technical headquarters of the car company. In 1969, the year Fiat bought out Pesenti and were in big debt "Lancia", and the Palazzo Lunch. To 1990-th years of "Fiat" moved most of the offices in other buildings, the skyscraper gradually emptied. In 2005, the year the company sold a free standing Palazzo Lunch company "Torino 05", a joint venture engaged in real estate companies Beni Stabili and Gefim. Then the building again changed hands, this time it was bought by a firm planning to turn it into a residential complex of luxury. But after conducting a bit of restoration work, the firm went bankrupt, and the Palazzo Lunch and still waiting for further decisions on their fate. It is like a bridge over passing under the building via Vincenzo Lunch, linking the Northern and southern part of the County of San Paolo.