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Palazzo Martelli: photos, description (Palazzo Martelli)

Palazzo Martelli, also often referred to as Casa Martelli, aristocratic Palace, located on via Ferdinando Jannetty in Florence. Today in its walls opened city Museum, which exhibits the remains of the once priceless collection of works of art collected by the owners. Artistic value are the wall paintings and rooms.

With the 20-ies of the 16th century on the place where today stands the Palazzo were several houses, belonging to the family of Martelli. In 1627, the year these buildings, as well as some of the other buildings purchased by the Senator Marco Martelli, began to acquire form a single complex. To this period also belongs the creation of some of the frescoes. In 1738, the year on the initiative of the Archbishop of Florence Giuseppe Maria Martelli and city police officer Niccolo Martelli, the architect Bernardino Corini has developed a project of creation of the present Palazzo. The second floor was decorated with frescoes by Vincenzo Meucci Ferdinando Melanie, Niccolo Connestabile and Bernardo Minozzi and stucco Giovanni Maria Portogallo. Another series of frescoes on mythological and historical themes were created in the late 18th century by a team of Tommaso Gherardini. In the same period, Luigi Sabatelli painted arches above the Grand staircase, which once could be seen the works of the great Donatello statue of David, and family coats of arms. Marble David statue is today exhibited at the National gallery of art in Washington proved that she is a replica of the world famous statue of David, set in the heart of Bargello in Florence.

Most of the works of art collected by the family of the Martelli, had been sold during the last two centuries. In 1986, the year the last inhabitant of the Palazzo, Francesca Martelli, wished to transfer the building to the property of the Curia of Florence (court), which, in turn, in 1998, the year sold the Palace to the Italian government. Then, in 2006-m year, in the Palazzo Martelli Museum was opened. Despite the losses, today the Museum's collection is rich and fascinating - here you can see the works of Piero di Cosimo, Francesco Morandini, Luca Giordano, Brueghel the Younger, Orazio borgianni Francesco Curradi etc. noteworthy is the collection of small bronze statuettes, among them - the work of Massimiliano Benzi Soldani.