/ / Palazzo Mavrogordato: photos, description (Palazzo Maurogordato)

Palazzo Mavrogordato: photos, description (Palazzo Maurogordato)

Palazzo Mavrogordato - a large building located near the Fosso Reale in Livorno. During the Second World war it was seriously damaged but, nevertheless, today considered one of the most significant buildings erected on the Bank of the channel Fosso Reale. For many years (until 2010 years), it housed the headquarters of the local branch of Italy's largest power company ENEL.

In 1840-ies in Livorno has developed an extensive program for the redevelopment of the city, whose main objective was the demolition of the medieval bastions surrounding the city's perimeter. In the course of the work, led by the architect Luigi Bettarini, on the channel Fosso Reale was broken, a huge square (now Piazza della Repubblica), and along the canal and built new residential neighborhoods. Subsequently, the Greek merchant Giorgio Mavrogordato acquired this land in 1856, the year commissioned the architect Giuseppe Cappellini to build a residence. Construction work was completed in 1864, the year.

Cappellini, the former is also the author of along the coast of Teatro Goldoni and Casini d Ardenza, built a Palace in the neoclassical style it was inspired by the Florentine palaces of the 16th century. Powerful rustically Foundation topped with a number of large rectangular window openings. Wide balcony emphasizes the entrance of the Palazzo, and numerous tambourines, today, much defaced, adorn the Windows of the first floor. Inside you can explore the wide main staircase and a music room with a simple but elegant decorations.