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Palazzo Maffei: photos, description (Palazzo Maffei)

Palazzo Maffei is a Palace in Verona, built in the 15th century in the North-Western corner of the Piazza delle Erbe. In 1629 the owner of the Palazzo of a noble citizen, Marcantonio Maffei decided to expand their holdings, by constructing the third floor, his idea was implemented only in 1668. The architect remains unknown.

The facade is majestic and the elegant Palazzo designed in the Baroque style. The first floor has five arched vaults, inside each of which is made a window with an elegant balcony. The Windows are separated from other ionic half-columns decorated with a huge maskeroni. The second floor is made in the same style as the first, but his window is smaller in size, and the frame is separated by pilasters. At the top of the facade you can see the balustrade with the statues of the Roman gods - Hercules, Jupiter, Venus, mercury, Apollo and Minerva. All of them except Hercules statue, carved from local marble. And the statue of Hercules, as historians believe, once adorned an ancient temple, located in the era of Ancient Rome on the site of the present Piazza Erbe business, which in those days served as a Roman forum. The remains of this temple today you can see around Palazzo Maffei.

Located inside the Palazzo an extravagant spiral stone staircase leading from the basement to the roof of the building. Interestingly, the stairs are not supported by no prop. And right in front of Palazzo Maffei is a column, surmounted by the lion of St. Mark, symbol of the Venetian Republic.