/ / Palazzo Mediceo: photos, description (Palazzo Mediceo)

Palazzo Mediceo: photos, description (Palazzo Mediceo)

Palazzo Mediceo, also known as Palazzotto Mediceo - a historic building in Livorno, opposite the Fortezza Vecchia, which is now the headquarters of the tax office.

At the beginning of the 16th century the rulers from the Medici issued a decree on the strengthening of the fortifications a small castle of Livorno with the construction of the imposing fortress of Fortezza Vecchia. Later, in 1540-ies, the Grand Duke Cosimo I de ' Medici ordered to build for himself and his court residence near the fortress, which today, unfortunately, only ruins remained. Pursuant to the order of the ruler, started the construction of the building, now known as the Palazzo Mediceo, it was located at some distance from the defensive moat, near the disappeared Church of Santa Maria e of Santa Julia.

The construction of the Palazzo was completed in 1543, the year, and during its long history it has had time to visit the residence of the military and naval Commissioner of the office, statistical office and the headquarters of the tax police.

Today Palazzo Mediceo is one of the oldest residential buildings of Livorno, since the city itself is also built in that era. Near the Palace you can see the modern bridge of Santa trinità, designed in the late 20 th century and replaced the bridge, which was destroyed in 1939 year. Santa Trinita connects the Palazzo and the Fortezza Vecchia. The Palace itself retains the original structure, despite the many transformations carried out everywhere after the Second World war. Recently near Palazzo Mediceo were arranged in a fish market.

The main landmark of the ancient Ducal Palace is the façade with a balcony on the second floor. Numerous stone details mark the boundaries of the facade facing the Fortezza Vecchia, and others adorn the Windows of the first floor.