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Palazzo Mozzi: photos, description (Palazzo Mozzi)

Palazzo Mozzi Palace of the early Renaissance in the Oltrarno area in Florence at the end of the Piazza de Mozzi. In his time in the Palace of the 13th century, kept a collection of the famous antiquarian Stefano Bardini, the remains of which were handed over to the municipality and built the Bardini Museum (also known as Mozzi Bardini). It is possible to see the works of Florentine art and other artifacts of the early Renaissance. Bardini was the initiator of the garden located behind the Palace on the hill.

Palazzo Mozzi was built for the family, Mozzi between 1260 and 1273 m over the years as the fortification at the bridge Ponte alle Grazie over the Arno river. Subsequently, the members of the family were persecuted for their connection with the Guelphs (political movement in Italy). In the 13-14-th centuries the Palazzo has welcomed many distinguished guests to Florence, for example, Pope Gregory X, the Duke of Anjou and the Duke of Athens. Perhaps their choice was due to the fact that the Palace was in a protected position outside the city center, from Porta San Niccolo.

In the 14th century the building was converted into a residential building in the Renaissance style. Then, it several times changed owners, but Mozzi remained its owners until 1551, the year. In the 18th - early 19th centuries architect Gasparo Maria Paoletti, worked on the restoration of the Palazzo and added some murals on the second floor.

After the death of the last member of the family, Mozzi the building began to fall into decay, and in 1913, the year was almost for nothing bought by the connoisseur of art and antique dealer Stefano Bardini. In the Palazzo he kept his collection of items intended for sale, and organized the workshop for restorers. In 1922, the year Bardini bequeathed to posterity to expose the remaining part of his collection to the Museum. However, strife between his descendants have delayed the process until 1996, the year when the Palazzo Mozzi was bought by the commune of Florence. The facade of the building was restored in the form in which it was probably in the 13th century. It is possible to see the family coat of arms, Mozzi. Stored inside architectural elements such as portals, various city buildings, demolished in the 19th century during the development of the city. From 1999 to 2009 years the Palazzo was closed for restoration, after which within its walls has earned the Museum Bardini. Behind him stretched the still little known among tourists garden with numerous statues and great views. In its place in the 16th century was an olive grove.