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Palazzo Nazi: photos, description (Palazzo Nasi)

Palazzo Nazi, also known as Palazzo Torrigiani-Nazi and Alessandro Scarlatti, Palace, standing on the Piazza de Mozzi in Florence, near the Ponte alle Grazie over the Arno river and few steps from Palazzo Mozzi with the Museum Bardini. Another Palazzo Torrigiani, built in the style of mannerism or late Renaissance, is closer to the river. Both the Palace once belonged to the family of Nazi.

The whole territory of the modern Palazzo Nazi until the mid-14th century, belonged to different families, including Nazi. They between 1460 and 1469 m over the years have combined their holdings into one Palace. It is known that its construction began under the architect Baccio d Angolo and was completed by his son Domenico. In 1552, the year the Palazzo was sold to a noble Florentine family Del Nero. Bernardo Del Nero was thrice gonfalonier head of the militia, and helped lead the army of Florence against Costanzo Sforza and the Genoese. But this loyalty to the ruling Medici clan subsequently led to his arrest and execution in 1497, the year.

According to one of Del Nero in 1616, the year he sold the Palazzo to the family of Torrigiani, on the other - the family of Scarlatti. But it is the latter hired architect Alfonso Parigi Sr. for the repair of the Palace and its decoration. This is evidenced by the Dating of the creation of the facade and some wall paintings. Later, the Palace became Torrigiani, who maintained his ownership until the 1960-ies, with the addition to the building one more floor. Torrigiani was also a noble Italian family with many outstanding members. So, one of them was Archbishop of Lucca, the other became a Marquis at the papal state, another, Luigi Torrigiani, was a cardinal and Secretary to Pope Clement XIII. Carlo Torrigiani was known as a fighter for improving the quality of education and in prisons, and also as a philanthropist. Today Palazzo Nazi divided into several private apartments.