/ / The Palazzo Rosso: photos, description (Palazzo Rosso)

The Palazzo Rosso: photos, description (Palazzo Rosso)

Palazzo Rosso is one of the ancient palaces of Genoa, located in via Garibaldi 18 and is now given over to the art gallery. In 2006, he became one of the 42 palaces of Genoa, included in the UNESCO world Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO as the "Palazzi dei Rolli".

The Palace was built by the architect Pietro Antonio Corradi between 1671 and 1677 years at the direction of Joe Rodolfo and Francesco Brignole-Sale. Prior to 1874, he remained in possession of this family until Maria Brignole-Sale, Duchess of Galliera, bequeathed it to the people of Genoa, in order "to increase the artistic splendor of the city." So the Palazzo Rosso became municipal property and was turned into a gallery. Together with Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Doria tursi, it forms part of the Museum complex on via Garibaldi, which contains works of art collected by the family Brignole-Sale.

Portraits, donated by the Duchess Galliera, became the basis of the art collection, which today you can see works by such masters as van dyke, Guido Reni, Paolo Veronese, Guercino, Gregorio De Ferrari, Albrecht dürer, Bernardo Strozzi, Mattia Preti, etc. Here we collect various items of textiles, primarily costumes and tapestries, rare cards and stamps.

Sam Palazzo in 1679 was decorated by Domenico Piola and Gregorio De Ferrari, which completed the decoration of the main salon, and painted his ceiling frescoes. They also completed the design of four other halls, dedicating their seasons. Unfortunately, the frescoes by De Ferrari was destroyed during the bombing of Genoa in the years of the Second World war.

In 1691 on the decoration of the Palace worked Giovanni Andrea Carlone, Carlo Antonio Tavella and Bartolomeo Guidobono. In General, the restoration work of different scale lasted until the mid-19th century.