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Palazzo Schio: photo description (Palazzo Schio)

Palazzo Schio is a noble Palace of the 16th century in Vicenza, on the facade of which, in 1560, the year worked by Andrea Palladio. The great architect began designing the façade, at the request of Bernardo Schio, who decided to build a family residence in the district of Ponte Pusteria. But since in the same years Palladio was working on a series of projects in Venice who demanded his personal presence in the capital of the Venetian Republic, his participation in the construction of the Palazzo Schio became so insignificant that they hired the foreman of the masons was forced to suspend construction pending further clear instructions. After the death of Bernardo Schio, his widow showed no interest in the completion of work on the Palazzo, and it was completed only at the initiative of brother Bernardo, Fabrizio, 1574-75-m years.

Facing the street the façade of the building is relatively narrow. Palladio decided to share his "piano Nobile" with three arches of equal width by means of four semi-columns with Corinthian capitals. The space between the columns occupied by three Windows with overhanging balconies, each crowned with a strongly projecting triangular pediment. The upper floor once held three other Windows that had to cover the warehouse and who was buried in 1825, the year.

The facade of the Palazzo Schio also enlivens the play of light and shadow created by using several layers of depth in the arrangement of the columns, moldings and balconies Windows and pediment.