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Palazzo Soliano: photos, description (Palazzo Soliano)

Palazzo Soliano, also known as Palazzo Boniface VIII, was built by order of Pope Boniface VIII, according to some historians. Others believe a more probable version that the Palace was built by the inhabitants of Orvieto in gratitude to this Pope, who took from the city the papal interdict and a huge fine for the damage caused by the troops of the city to castles in the Val di Lago. Today Palazzo Sogliano remains the property of the Catholic Church.

A wide staircase leads to the second floor in the large room of the Palace with ten Gothic Windows, which was used as a hall for the reception of officials. This floor was built between 1296 and 1297 years over a covered gallery on the first floor, the construction of which began under Pope urban IV. The tip of the Palace is crowned with battlements of Guelph and is decorated with a series of Windows divided by columns into two arched parts.

Today in Palazzo Soliano is a Museum of works of art of Orvieto Cathedral (Museo Dell'opera del Duomo). Here are the works from the Renaissance to the age of mannerism and the painting in the 19th century. Among the artists whose work is represented in Museum Giovanna Lanfranco, Girolamo Muziano, Federico Zuccaro Cesare Nebbia, Pomarancio. Special attention deserves the priceless collection of drawings by Ippolito Scalza and drawings Cesare Nebbia alteration of the frescoes in the Cathedral. Mannerist sculptures of apostles and saints that adorned the Cathedral until the 19th century, are also part of the Museum's collection.

In the lower part of Palazzo Soliano operates another Museum - Museo Emilio Greco dedicated to the artist who worked on the great doors of the Cathedral of Orvieto. Here you can see about a hundred of his works.