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Palazzo Tizzano: photos, description (Palazzo Tezzano)

Palazzo Tizzano is a luxurious Palace located in Piazza Stesicoro, in the heart of Catania. The construction of the Palace started in 1709 on land owned by count Nicholas Tizzano, a famous surgeon of that era and in General a very remarkable man. He studied literature, philosophy and medicine, and already at the age of 16 received the diploma about higher education. In addition, Tizzano took the most direct part in the rebuilding of Catania after the earthquake of 1693. Later, he gave the Palazzo a gift to the city Council. Between 1720 and 1727 the years the Palace by the project of Alonzo di Benedetto was turned into a hospital.

In 1837 due to the economic difficulties experienced by the management of the hospital, part of the Palace was leased to the Bourbons for the storage of archives of the dynasty. A few years later - about 1844 - it also housed the office of the attorney General and local forensic office. Then was created the project for the complete rebuilding of the hospital and its becoming the residence of the court. However, the revolution of 1848 put an end to these plans. The transfer of hospital in premises located near the Benedictine monastery of St. Nicholas took place only in the years 1878-1880. He was given the name of Vittorio Emanuele II. Palazzo Tizzano in turn has been the residence of the court until the completion of a specially designed building in Piazza Giovanni Verga, which took place in 1953. And in the years of the fascist regime, it housed the auditorium of the medical faculty of the local University.

The Palace shaped like the letter "U" and the courtyard, makes a strong impression. On the Piazza Stesicoro leaves the main facade of the Palazzo, decorated with monumental balcony and clock tower. Here is the main entrance to the Palace. The facade is symmetrical: it is divided by the height of the false stone columns that contrast with the dark color plaster.