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Palazzo Fortuny: photography, description (Palazzo Fortuny)

Palazzo Fortuny is an art Museum in the quarter of San Marco in Venice. Once this Palace, built in Gothic style on Campo San Benedetto belonged to the Pesaro family. Later on the idea of one of its owners, Mariano Fortuny, he was turned into a Studio where he Fortuny studied photography, design, decorations, textile design and painting. In 1956, the year the widow Fortuny, Henriette Nigrin, gave the Palazzo to the property of the municipality of Venice. Today it houses a huge collection of items that cover many sectors of activities by Mariano Fortuny, and the Museum itself is part of the Foundation of the civic museums of Venice.

The painting presents approximately 150 paintings, Fortuny, reflecting different stages of his career as an artist. The Central place here takes his "Wagnerian" period, which lasted until 1899, the year. Particularly noteworthy are the captivating portraits of members of his family, primarily his wife.

A significant place in the works of Fortuny took experimenting with light effects, which are the subject of a separate exhibition. The collection of photographs left by Fortuny, dates from the period of 1850 years until the Second World war is a rich collection of images of historical characters done in a variety of styles and techniques of shooting. Finally, the legacy of Fortuny is a collection of costumes, fabrics, different materials, prints and patterns - he painstakingly studied textile production and fashion history. The artist himself was engaged in the creation of models of the priceless velvet of the Renaissance and a variety of exotic materials.