/ / Palazzo Hudgens: photos, description (Palazzo Huigens)

Palazzo Hudgens: photos, description (Palazzo Huigens)

Palazzo Hudgens - aristocratic residence in Livorno, located in the heart of the city quarter of Venezia Nuova. At the end of the 17th century, it was announced the demolition of the fortress Fortezza Nuova in order to make room for the construction of houses in the rapidly growing quarter of Venezia Nuova. Street via Borra was the main thoroughfare of the new quarter, and along it were erected numerous private estates of wealthy families along the coast. It was then next to the Palazzo delle Colonne di Marmo began building a huge Palace for Antonio Hudgens. The Palazzo was completed by 1705 year, and later it was attached to the top floor. In 1706, the year stayed here, the Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo III de ' Medici, and in 1709, the Danish king, Frederick IV, who visited in Livorno Maria Maddalena Trent. In the future, the Palace changed owners several times and having survived the difficult years of the Second World war, was restored in 1974-78-m years.

Palazzo Hudgens is a four-storey rectangular building. Behind, along the moat Fosso Reale, is the entrance to the warehouse, and the facade of the Palace overlooks via Borra. The facade is notable for a number of window openings with elegant cornices. The main entrance is surmounted by a balcony. After going through it, you can get into the courtyard, which overlook the covered gallery decorated with stucco.