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Palazzo Chilena: photos, description (Palazzo Civena)

Palazzo Chilena - Renaissance Palace in Vicenza, built in 1540, the year. This is the first city Palace designed by Andrea Palladio. It was built for four brothers Ciona. The date "1540" engraved on the medal, which is stored in the City Museum, Vicenza, and marks the beginning of the construction of the Palazzo. Probably the building was completed two years later, shortly before Palladio began work on the Palazzo Thiene. Unfortunately, in 1750, the year of the Palazzo of Civenna was substantially rebuilt Domenico Cherat, and during the Second World war during the bombing was half destroyed. Was subsequently rebuilt, only the facade.

Palladio did not include a sketch of the Palazzo Civen in his treatise "Four books on architecture", but there are various more pictures of the Palace, which show that the architect repeatedly changed the draft. The original project to restore the publication Bertotti Ottavio Scamozzi in 1776, the year a group of rooms placed on both sides of the atrium, and the Palladian window is very similar to those found in the villas of Palladio in the same period. Later Cherat extended atrium and modified the stairs.

Because of Ciona Palazzo was built in the beginning of 1540, the year, it serves as a model early works and architectural views of Palladio before his fateful trip to Rome. As Tricoli Villa, the Palazzo stood out from the conventional in Vicenza building tradition: polyvore (a medieval type of window) in the center of the facade replaced by a succession of Bay Windows with pilasters. There is no doubt that here Palladio relied on Roman palaces of the early 16th century. The facade is devoid of plasticity, and seems to be cut from a sheet of paper.