/ / Palazzo Estense in Varese: photo description (Palazzo Estense)

Palazzo Estense in Varese: photo description (Palazzo Estense)

The Palazzo Estense is a Baroque Palace built in the second half of the 18th century, Francesco III d'este and his family in the Italian town of Varese in Lombardy. The author of the project of the Palace was the architect Giuseppe Antonio Bianchi. Palazzo Estense was built in 1760-ies, and for many has become home to Francesco III d'este, Duke of Modena, who ruled in Lombardy.

Francesco III first visited in Milan in 1755, the year and fell in love with this town - so much so that I decided to buy it back from the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa. His request was granted, and soon the Genoa was one of the possessions of the family d'este. In 1765, the year Francesco purchased a Villa Tommaso Arrigoni and ordered to rebuild it with the intention of turning the building into a residence for his court. During the reconstruction of the Villa was demolished and the vacant land was built new premises. At the same time around the Palace was a garden (a project of the same Bianchi) is one of the most beautiful in the whole of Lombardy 18th century. In the garden you can see a large fountain, set directly in front of the Palazzo, the chapel of San Giovanni Battista and numerous sculptures.

Today in the Palazzo Estense, known for its luxurious decorations and stucco are municipal institutions, but it also hosts conferences and concerts.