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Palazzolo Acreide: photo description (Palazzolo Acreide)

Palazzolo Acreide is a small town situated in the Hyblaean mountains, 43 km from the city of Syracuse. Its territory was inhabited even in ancient times. In 11-10 centuries BC numerous small villages lived sikuli. The present town is situated on the site of an ancient settlement ACRI based siracusani about 664 years BC Akrai was of great strategic importance because it controlled the main road on the southern coast of Sicily. According to the Greek historian Thucydides, this is where Siracusa defeated the Athenians in 413 BC, At the Treaty concluded in 263 BC between the Romans and Hieronim II of Syracuse, ACRI was last passed. In the first years of the Christian era, the city thrived. Most likely, it was destroyed by the Arabs in the first half of the 9th century. Later around the old Norman castle, now defunct, was built a new city. A terrible earthquake in 1693 destroyed the newly ACRI, which slowly recovered over the next centuries.

Among the main attractions of the modern Palazzolo Acreide can be called numerous churches: San Paolo, built in the 18th century, Santa Maria della Medaglia, San Sebastian, San Michele with its impressive bell tower topped with a dome of Sant Antonio with its unfinished façade, in neo-Romanesque style, the Church of Assunta, with a convex facade and rich scenery. In the latter there is the statue of the Madonna of white Carrara marble, made in the years 1471-1472 sculptor Francesco Laurana. The Chiesa Madre Dating from the 13th century, was once dedicated to St. Nicholas. She was substantially rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693. In the House-Museum of Antonino Uccello, a collection of objects related to the peasant history of Sicily - the tools, stained glass, wax figures, etc. and in the Palazzo Cappellani a local Archaeological Museum. Finally, you should pay attention to the Grotto of St. Conrad, a small Church carved in the rock, which in the 14th century there lived a hermit Corrado Confalonieri. Here are preserved fragments of mosaics and the remains of the altar.

The ruins of the ancient city Akrai and can be seen today on a hilltop above the modern Palazzolo Acreide. It located the quarry with many tombs of different periods. Well preserved auditorium of the small theater, but the scene is nothing left. Close by are seen the ruins of buildings that may have been terms. To the South, in the cliffs of the Monte Pineta, found some traces of burials, and next to them - a curious bas-reliefs called the Santoni or Santicelli. In the 19th century they were badly damaged by a local farmer. Nearby is a necropolis Acrocera della Torre with numerous sarcophagi. 5 miles to the North lies the village of Buscemi, near which was discovered a sacred cave and a Church carved into rock and surrounded by a cemetery.