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Palmi: photo description (Palmi)

Palmi is the second largest city in the province of Reggio Calabria in the Italian region Lombardy, with a population of about 20 thousand people. It is located on the slopes of Monte Sant'elia (582 m) overlooking the Costa viola. Near the center of Palmi is a small village Taureana is a picturesque tourist resort nestled between the sea and mountains. Its territory with beaches, cliffs and terraces as a whole is part of the Costa viola, that stretches to the Cape of Punta Pezzo.

He Palmi and its beaches of Marina di Palmi and Lido di Palmi is also considered a popular and rapidly developing seaside resort. The stunning beauty of these places, has long attracted poets and writers, even recognized at the state level and is protected by the relevant decision. In addition Palmi is the administrative center of the province and the main educational center of the Tyrrhenian coast, it is also an important agricultural and commercial center. For centuries the city remained one of the most important cultural sites of Calabria, which is the birth of the famous composer Francesco Cilea, and the writer Leonid Repaci. Here are Museum complexes "Casa della Culture" and "Archaeological Park of Taurian" standing on the ruins of the ancient city of Taurunum.

It is the inhabitants of Taurinum who fled from the attacks of the Saracens in the 10th century was founded by Palmi. In 1549, the year the city was seriously damaged during the next pirate RAID, and then by the order of count Carlo Spinelli was rebuilt and strengthened. But in 1783, the year of Palmi, with its powerful walls and three main gates and buildings were literally wiped off the face of the earth in the terrible earthquake. It was again rebuilt and again lost - a devastating earthquake occurred in 1894 and 1908. One of the buildings that survived the cataclysm, is a one-nave Church Chiesa del Crocifisso with a rectangular apse. After the earthquake of 1908, the year it was repaired and joined with a nearby monastery with cloister. It is interesting that recently in this Church under the main altar, was found the burial chamber of the monks with ancient stone seats.

Another attraction of Palmi is the so-called "Olive rock" a short distance from Marinella beach is a cliff with alone growing on top of an olive tree. In addition, the city you can visit the Museum of Ethnology and folklore of Calabria, located in the building of Culture. The Leonids Repaci. It houses a rich collection of household items of local residents, costumes, and tools, which introduces the world of the shepherds and peasants of Calabria, their religious beliefs, traditions and way of life. In the Hall of Antiques exhibits, dated 5th century BC -11th century BC there are the Museum and Art gallery Francesco Cilea with the works of the greatest Italian artists. In Piazza Matteotti stands the war memorial, made of marble and bronze by sculptor Michele Guerrisi. They also executed the bas-reliefs adorn the Mausoleum of Francesco Cilea.

In the surroundings of Palmi noteworthy are also the farmhouses of the 18th century, the ruins of the watchtower of the 16th century and the small town of Monte Sant Elia a pine forest. 7 km from the centre of Palmi begins the Tyrrhenian coast. And not far from the beach of Lido di Palmi is that the archaeological Park with the ruins of the ancient city of Taurunum.