/ / Park oglio Sud: photo, description, Parco Oglio Sud)

Park oglio Sud: photo, description, Parco Oglio Sud)

Park oglio Sud in the Italian region of Lombardy lies in the lower, flat part of the valley of the river oglio from the boundary of the Park oglio Nord" to its confluence with the river Po. The landscape of the Park has been significantly modified by human activities, and today may seem a bit monotonous - cultivated fields are interspersed with small groves planted along water channels. The Park was established in 1988 year and has taken under his protection an area of about 13 thousand hectares, consisting of reserves Jerre, Gavazzi and Runate, zones, Les Binet, Marcaria, San Alberto Valli di Mosio and Bosco Foce oglio. In addition, attention should be paid willow grove Channel Boggina, Foce Chiese and Calvatone and Belforte peat bogs. A fairly diverse fauna of the Park and 19 species of mammals, 8 species of reptiles, 7 species of amphibians and a huge number of species of birds, among which the most common red and white herons, night herons, osprey, bittern, kingfishers and bee-eaters.

There are in the Park "oglio Sud" and numerous evidence of human presence. To the East of Calvatone during recent archaeological excavations have found traces of the Roman settlement (1st century BC - 4th century BC, including fragments of the huge Villa. In museums Piadena, Viadana and Synthesis artefacts from the bronze age and the Neolithic age, including odnovremenno boats-tarts remained intact and was found near Isola Dovarese. But, of course, most of the monuments preserved from the times of existence of the Duchy of Milan, the castle and fortress of Ostiano, Canneto and Casatico, wall Bozzole, a beautiful late-Renaissance square Isola Dovarese. A true symbol of the Park and the whole area is a pontoon bridge of Torre d'oglio. Also deserve the attention of a small local museums, historical centers of old towns, the visitor center of the reserve "Le bine, under the protection of WWF, and numerous agricultural buildings.