/ / Park Ravino: photos, description (di Giardino Ravino)

Park Ravino: photos, description (di Giardino Ravino)

Park "Rabbi" - a tourist attraction of the island of Ischia, located in a Sunny position overlooking the Bay of Citara. The Park is the result of hard 40 years experience of its founder, Giuseppe D'ambra. As a young sailor, he visited many countries of the world, and that's when he had the idea of creating a Park in which it would be possible to combine all the spectacular wonders of the plant world. In the course of their travels around the world D'ambra began to assemble a collection of rare and exotic plants that soon forced him to think about buying a large plot of land to accommodate their growing collection. What started as a hobby soon grew into a matter of life, and eventually D'ambra became a specialist in botany.

Park Ravino officially designated as the "Mediterranean tropical Botanical garden, which pronounced the commitment of Giuseppe and his family to the ideas of nature protection and conservation of the unique biodiversity of our planet. On Saturday, Giuseppe personally conducts tours of their Park, acquainting visitors with the use of plants in medicine, aromatherapy and homeopathy. A feature of the Park is the participation in implementation projects on the island ecological tourism - for example, here for over 20 years, uses solar panels for supplying areas with hot water. This allowed the "Rabbi" to in 2010-m to year the status of "the most innovative and sustainably developing enterprise in southern Italy by the European Parliament.

Today in the Park "Rabbi", you can see a unique in Europe collection of cacti and succulents, rare and amazing bonsai pine tree Vallejo - pine Jurassic period (this species more than 90 million years!), first discovered in Australia only in 1994-m to year. During a walk in the Park tourists usually accompanied by peacocks - the local "stars" that emit unusual sounds and admire their magnificent tails.

Part of the Park "Rabbi" is an art gallery "Moby dick", exhibiting the work of local artists and craftsmen. Gallery building in itself deserves attention - it is like a cave, whose whitewashed walls contrast the colorful environment of the Park.