/ / Park Beach: photos, description (Parco di divertimento Fiabilandia)

Park Beach: photos, description (Parco di divertimento Fiabilandia)

The amusement Park "Fiabilandia", located on the shores of lake Bernardo in the vicinity of Rimini, is the oldest theme Park on the Adriatic coast of Italy. It was built in 1965 year. Its name from the Italian language can be translated as "a fantastic country". Each year surrounded by lush greenery, the Park offers adults and children plenty of opportunities for recreation and entertainment. On the area of 150 thousand sq. m. there are about 30 different rides, including the "castle of the Magician Merlin" calling in a fascinating journey among mysteries and riddles, "Lake dream", which can be crossed on a special boat in the shape of a dragon, a real pirate ship "bounty" and the so-called "Sea frogs", in which absolute security can splash around even the youngest visitors to the Park. To see the whole Park, making the journey in a small Fiaby boat on lake Bernardo or ride on a small train Fiabilandia Express.

For safe recreation for children includes a variety of playgrounds. "Borgo Magico" - Magic village is a fascinating attraction with a bouncy castle, roundabouts, slides and a breathtaking multi-coloured valleys of the dwarves", that must be crossed on Board the so-called "bruco-mela". If possible, is to visit the most interesting expositions, regularly working at "Fiabilandia" - they are in an entertaining form introduces children with various phenomena of our world and important things. Among the most popular training programs - the "Zoo" of exotic animals, "Trail of fragrant plants" and "the Garden of forgotten fruits" - the two green oasis with the most beautiful and fragrant plants in the world, the "dawn of mankind" - an exhibition introducing the history of the appearance of man on the planet, "Farm", with its wonderful funny animals, and a Planetarium.

To relax from the impressions and a bite to eat at one of the many bars and restaurants scattered throughout "Fiabilandia". "Saloon'e" decorated in the style of the restaurant in the Wild West, you can find snacks, and the so-called "Frulleria", located near the castle of the Magician Merlin, offers delicious ice cream and fruit. The restaurant "La Pagoda" restaurant also serves a delicious menu consisting of traditional dishes of the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna.