/ / Park Aviation: photos, description (Museo dell' Aviazione)

Park Aviation: photos, description (Museo dell' Aviazione)

"Aviation Park", established in 1995, the year in Rimini offers its visitors to get acquainted with the richest collection of aircraft that played a crucial role in some of the most significant events of history since the end of World war II. Here are over forty aircraft which were members of the various military conflicts of the second half of the 20th century: the Korean and Vietnam wars, the Gulf War (between Iraq and Iran, the conflicts in Bosnia and on the border of India and Pakistan. Silent witnesses of the terrible events in the history of mankind, today, they lie peacefully on the green lawns and open to rigorous tests and examinations. Stream lovers of the history of aviation does not dry out.

The total length of the exhibition route is 2 km away. In this way can, for example, to sit in the plane that once belonged to the great American actor Clark Gable and which flew no less famous Marilyn Monroe, John and Ted Kennedy, Frank Sinatra and Ronald Reagan. Here are exhibited the MiG-23 similar to the Libyan plane crashed on the Italian mountain plateau Sila in Calabria. Among other aircraft, the legendary American fighter "Phantom", the Lockheed F-104, developing incredible speed and is still in service with the Italian air force, aircraft of the Italian aerobatic squadron "Frecce Tricolore" and other military aircraft that were in the service of the air force of all countries of the world. The Park also includes a memorial to the victims of the crash "Ramstein" that occurred in 1988.

In addition to the exhibition areas on the territory of the "Park Aviation" has a bar and restaurant can accommodate up to 300 people and a Playground for children, equipped with a helipad.