/ / Parco delle groane: photos, description (Parco delle Groane)

Parco delle groane: photos, description (Parco delle Groane)

Park Groane lies in the upper part of the Lombard plain, to the North-West of Milan. Its territory is covered with Heather, very interesting from a geological point of view, because it is a clay terraces with a huge number of plant species. The total area of 3400 hectares of preserved oak and pine groves, and in late summer, vast Moors covered with gentian, buttercups and other flowers. Pine trees were actually planted back in the 18th century. The charm of these places add the the ruins of ancient hearths with their brick walls and surrounded by gardens of aristocratic villas from the past. Interestingly, to get to the Park by bike directly from Milan.

The largest of the heathland Park (with a few patches of forest) is a protected area Ka del PE - she miraculously survived among the huge buildings and factories. Here, in the center of the city, you can find typical for Northern European landscapes with birches, pines and young oaks. Another protected area - the pond of Lentate - has been recreated by efforts of the Park staff. Today on the shores of a pond frequented by migratory birds and home to rare bittern. You can also see Cesano Maderno - area, seriously affected by pollution of the soil and present in the "rehabilitation": here are trying to preserve old-growth forest and several ponds and wetlands, is famous for the migratory birds stop in the heart of the metropolis.

Very interesting is a visit to Castellazzo di Bollate - a huge complex, consisting of forests, heaths and cultivated fields, amidst which stands a beautiful Baroque Villa Arconati. This small "Versailles of Milan" was built on the orders of Galeazzo Arconati, member of a noble Milanese family. The Villa houses an enormous statue of Pompey, at the feet of which, according to legend, was killed by Julius Caesar.

Other attractions of the Park "Greene" can be called a Villa Borromeo, Villa Ponti and the Villa degli Palazzetta about rocky in Senago, Villa Valera in Arese, Cascina Mirabello in Lentate, Villa Raimondi in Birago di Lentate and Villa Дò in Seveso.