/ / Park Mercatello: pictures, description (Parco del Mercatello)

Park Mercatello: pictures, description (Parco del Mercatello)

Park Mercatello in Salerno was officially opened in February 1998, in the presence of Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, the then President of the Italian Republic. Spread over an area of 10 hectares it is one of the largest urban parks of Italy in relation to the number of urban population. It brings together three areas - Mariconda, Mercatello and Quartiere Europa.

A characteristic feature of the Park are small rivers that run through its grounds, greenhouses, where you can admire the cacti, donated Salerno Fund Acquaviva, rock gardens, artificial lake and canal. A huge space is reserved for performances in the open air.

Special attention should be paid to the aforementioned cactus collection gathered by the famous family of Acquaviva and today in the public domain of the city's residents. It is for that place and provide for everyone to see this collection, the municipality of Salerno and decided to build in the Park Mercatello greenhouse is a beautiful place from an aesthetic point of view and the present artificially created ecosystem. Six months it took to prepare the soil, plant the cacti, to provide them with care antiparasitic, etc. Today, the collection, placed in the greenhouse and around it, you can see very rare species of plants - agave, Euphorbia, jade, tapeworm and Echinocereus. And the greenhouses are one of the few of its kind in southern Italy is a wonderful place for botanists and nature lovers, a popular tourist attraction and an oasis of recreation for residents of Salerno.