/ / The Park of Monte Conero: photos, description (Parco del Monte Conero)

The Park of Monte Conero: photos, description (Parco del Monte Conero)

Park "Monte Conero" is situated on the slopes and in the vicinity of the homonymous mountain, at the foot of which, in turn, is located in Ancona, capital of Italian Marche region. This is a real Paradise for lovers of outdoor recreation and communing with nature. In the Park, lying to the South of the city, laid over 18 Hiking and Cycling trails that go through very real thickets of the forest and with a breathtaking view of the Adriatic sea. Walk in the Park, whose total area is equal to 5800 sq. m., accompanied by an experienced guide that will acquaint you with the local flora and fauna, and independently. What's more - you can even create your own route!

During the hike at Monte Conero you can find many species of birds, most of which are migratory species such as the peregrine Falcon. Live here and nocturnal birds of prey, and animals - badgers, Martens, weasels and reptiles. Also at the Park, created in 1987-m to year, there are a few historical and cultural attractions on which it is possible to literally stumble. For example, the unique caves and white limestone cliffs, the likes of which you won't find anywhere else on the Adriatic coast from Trieste to the Gargano. And on top of the mountain are the ruins of settlements of the Paleolithic - it is more than 100 thousand years! Not to mention the Church of Santa Maria in Portonovo and San Pietro in Conero. A must visit in the Park is tasting the local dishes and wines.

The mountain Monte Conero height of about 572 meters got its name from the title of one of the oldest food, which the ancient Greeks called "Camaros" and the Italians - "corbezzolo, is the" cherry marine", a common Mediterranean shrub with round fruits like cherries. Its fruit is very sweet, and the inside, depending on the degree of maturity are yellow and bright red. These berries are harvested in autumn and eaten fresh or frozen. Some make wine corbezzolo.