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Park Pollein: photo description (Pollein)

Pollein is a natural Park and geological Museum under the open sky in the Italian region of Val d'aosta, which performs functions of a sports centre. Created in 1994 year, it is spread over an area of 10 hectares in the plain of the river Dora Baltea just a few kilometers from Aosta. On-site Pollinoze find extensive lawns for practicing different sports, a Playground for children and an annular treadmills. Each lawn benches and drinking fountains. Along the embankment, which is the building of the "Grand place", used as a multifunctional center, laid a special path, which offers a panorama 360º - it allows visitors to explore the major geographical, geomorphological and geological elements of the area.

On three sides the main building Pollein surrounded by parkland with shrubs and trees (including a unique gingko tree, which is called a "living fossil"). There you can see some huge boulders, the main rocks forming the mountains of the Val d Aosta. It is noteworthy that access to the Park and "stone trail" designed specifically for people in wheelchairs. All the stones are laid out in accordance with their geographical and geological origins, so if you follow from one to the other in the right order, you can make a virtual journey from Morin Dora Baltea to the majestic Mont Blanc. Each boulder has a special information Board.