/ / Park Skypark: pictures, description Skypark Parco Avventura)

Park Skypark: pictures, description Skypark Parco Avventura)

Park Skypark, opened in 2005 year, located in a picturesque valley, Valmarecchia just a few kilometers from the resort town of Rimini. The main aim of the Park is to create conditions for various kinds of outdoor sports, surrounded by unique and unrepeatable landscapes of Monte Aquilonia. To date, the "Skypark" is one of the biggest in Italy's amusement parks with an incredible diversity of routes. In its territory is not used electricity and the pollutants that make your stay more environmentally friendly. By the way, the preservation of the natural environment is also one of the objectives of the Park.

Every year the Park staff develop about 14 routes with a hundred steps of height up to 16 meters above the ground, allowing you to choose a suitable route for children and adults. Mini trails are intended for children 2 to 5 years, who here can practice holding the balance. These include Yellow, Orange and Brown trails. Trails for teenagers green, Green plus and Blue - designed for children who have reached growth of 130 cm, as well as for their parents (to warm up). Finally, trails of a Blue-plus Red-plus Red plus is the most difficult to overcome in the Park. They are designed for adults with a good physical preparation. And the Black trail will appeal to those who want to appear at the height of 16 meters above the ground without any insurance!

In addition, in the "Skypark" is a special wall for climbing, also oriented at a different degree of preparation, and the so-called area "Master Tree", created in order to instill a sense of respect for nature. It includes astronomical laboratory and Observatory to observe the sky, and they also arrange educational tours to study ecosystems of the Park.