/ / Amusement Park Jolly Roger: photos, description (Jolly Roger)

Amusement Park Jolly Roger: photos, description (Jolly Roger)

Amusement Park Jolly Roger is a unique attraction in the resort of Lido di Jesolo, which is a huge ship-a Galleon of the time of the Venetian Republic. In addition, it is also a great place for private parties, weddings and business events. Team "Jolly Roger" greeting the guests in costumes of a distant 16th-17th centuries, and provides visitors to go on an amazing journey through the most charming places of the Adriatic coast. On this pirate ship you can walk along the Adriatic sea, explore the many channels of the Venetian lagoon and its amazing beauty of the island. The legendary Captain Jack and his team are always ready to go to sea, to repel the enemy ship or to go in search of the legendary treasure. It was on Board the "Jolly Roger" to life the legends of the famous pirate - Jack Sparrow, Henry Morgan and mystic Black Corsair.

Tours on the Jolly Roger last from half an hour up to several days. Visitors are also encouraged to dress in costumes of pirates, give swords and hooks and even make special tattoos! On the way back, the team arranges a variety of shows, musical performances, etc. Here you can buy Souvenirs with symbols of the "Jolly Roger" t - shirts, bandanas, swords, hooks, pistols, and make photo for memory.

Summer pirate Galleon stops at the shores of the famous beaches of Lido di Jesolo, Cavallino and Bibione.