/ / The amusement Park Gardaland: photos, description (Gardaland)

The amusement Park Gardaland: photos, description (Gardaland)

Gardaland is one of the most popular entertainment parks in Europe, and perhaps the most popular in Italy, nestled on the Eastern shore of lake Garda near the town of Castelnuovo del Garda. The Park was opened in 1975 - since then it happens every year up to 3.5 million visitors! In 2008, the door was opened aquarium. Today in Gardaland there are six main rides and about 30 smaller ones.

"Blue Tornado" is an inverted roller coaster with a length of 765 meters, located at the entrance to the Park. The height of the attraction opened in 1998, is 33.5 meters. The whole breathtaking "flight" with several upheavals and sudden drops, it takes about 2 minutes.

In the lower part of the Park you can see another popular attraction - "the Magic mountain" is the double loop. It is the oldest attraction of Gardaland - it was opened in 1985. Drive through the 700 - meter road at a height of 30 meters from the ground takes about 2 minutes.

Since 2005 the adventure of the Sequoias: you can "collapse" from the top of a huge tree and six times to change direction by 180º.

"Escape from Atlantis" is Europe's largest water attraction, located near the "Blue Tornado". It combines all the elements of classic water slides: the ascent, the descent on the entangled spiral slides and a resounding fall into the pool.

To tickle the nerves can be another attraction "Ramses: the awakening," formerly known as "Valley of the Pharaohs". This is the first interactive attraction of Gardaland: sitting in the booth, the traveler goes in a dark tunnel, where he heard the voice of an old man, gets in the burial chamber with treasures and mummies.

Finally, the "young" ride in the Park is "Raptor" - it will appeal to those who love dinosaurs and prehistoric adventures.