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Pellizzano: photo description (Pellizzano)

Pellizzano is a small town in the Italian ski resort Val di sole, composed of communes Pellizzano, Agnano, Terminio and Costello. In recent years, he gained fame as the summer resort that contributed to the development of tourism infrastructure and increase in population. In addition, the city's economy played a major role and traditional activities - animal husbandry, Commerce, forestry and handicraft production.

Pellizzano and Aniano was founded in the era of Ancient Rome. The name of the commune comes from the Latin name Pellitus and Aunis is probably the so-called veterans of the Roman army, which received these lands in recognition of his war services. According to legend, in the Middle ages it was visited by a powerful Frankish Emperor Charlemagne - it is said that he converted the local pagans and Jews to Christianity and built a Church that exists in our days. In fact the first written mention of Pellizzano refer to the beginning of the 13th century - they identify important agricultural and livestock center of the valley. After the plague of 1347, the year here to work on iron miners mines of Val di Peio came many families from Lombardy - it was the beginning of a long period of immigration. To this day in the dialect of the local language you can hear echoes of Lombard speech.

One of the main religious attractions not only Pellizzano, but of the whole of the Val di sole is a Gothic-Renaissance Church dedicated to the Nativity of the virgin Mary. This is the Church which, according to legend, was built by Charlemagne, although it is first mentioned only in 1264, the year. The current building with a huge bell tower is the result of several reconstructions, which took place between 1470 and 1590 m over the years. In the course of those works of the ancient Romanesque structure was completely changed. Inside the Church with the help of numerous classical columns divided into three naves. From the decorations should highlight the chalice 1524-year, frescoed by Simone Baschenis, wall paintings of the brothers Giovanni and Battista, Baschenis the end of the 15th century, a fresco depicting the Madonna and child with several saints of the brush Cipriano of Valors, four wooden altar of the 17th-18th centuries and canvas of Carlo Pozzi. A small chapel, Canacci decorated with wonderful stucco. But still deserves attention beautiful way of the cross Charles Henrici.

Also worth visiting is the lake of Caprioli in Fazzone, which became one of the symbols of summer holidays in Val di sole. This artificial lake was created in 1960 and offers visitors a variety of interesting trails through the picturesque countryside at the foot of the highest peaks of the Presanella.