/ / Castellana caves: photos, description (Grotte di Castellana)

Castellana caves: photos, description (Grotte di Castellana)

Castellana caves is one of the most famous karst caves in Italy, located in the province of Bari in the Apulia region. More specifically, it is not one cave, but an entire underground maze! It was discovered in 1938 year, the speleologist Franco anell about 1 km South from the town of Castellana Grotte. The maze entrance is a huge vertical tunnel with a length of 60 meters. The main cave is called La grave, the Abyss, three other large Cavity called Nera (the Black cave), Cavity Bianca (White cave) and del Precipicio Cavern (Cave on the cliff). The total length of the entire karst system is about 3 kilometers! Today it is one of the most visited caves of Italy.

The whole complex is very ancient, about three million years. During this time in the dungeons has formed hundreds, if not thousands of stalactites and stalagmites, which are their shapes and sizes. To walk around the maze, takes about two hours. From the mine the path goes to the Cavern of Nera, and then the Cave Owl, the snake Corridor, to our Little Paradise and finally to the Cavity Bianca - for a sparkling white this cave is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Inside is a bust of the speleologist Franco anell, who discovered and first explored this amazing and mysterious dungeon.

Located near the caves of Castellana, the town is very small, there lives only about 15 thousand people. Nevertheless, there is something to look out for: stand out the Baroque Church of San Francesco and convent of Santa Maria della Vetrana.