/ / Caves Valdemiro in Borgio of Verezzi: photo, description Grotte di Borgio Verezzi)

Caves Valdemiro in Borgio of Verezzi: photo, description Grotte di Borgio Verezzi)

Valdemiro caves - natural attraction not far from the Ligurian resort town of Pietra Ligure. The caves were discovered near the village of Verezzi Borgio only in 1933 year. Three young men from the village, going along a small stream, came the first "room" of previously unknown cave. There with a candle, they wrote the date and their names - Lillo, Tito and Valentino. But until 1951, the year this discovery no one had attached much importance, while Giovanni Dentella, head of the local club of cave explorers, began the systematic study of caves Valdemiro. He explored many miles of cave galleries and halls. Dentella, amazed by the beauty of this unknown underground world, and has developed and implemented the first tourist routes in the cave, first held in 1970-m to year.

In the caves Valdemiro you can see a huge variety of formations: thin and almost transparent "pipes", similar to the drape and thin paper sheets of sediment, large columns that seem to hold its cave vaults and free-standing stalactites, which seem to defy gravity, evolving in different directions. And everywhere in the most amazing colors - white, yellow, red, various shades and combinations! Such coloristic variety of the cave required the presence of certain minerals, making Valdemiro perhaps the most colorful cave complex in Italy.

Most important are the fossils discovered in different parts of the caves. They range in ages from 500 to 750 thousand years! Among the found artifacts - the remains of various extinct animals that once lived in a warm (rhinos, elephants, tigers, crocodiles, macaques, turtles) and cool climate (bears, mammoths, deer, mountain goats and horses). These remains prove the alternation of glacial periods over the last two million years of life on our planet.

Valdemiro caves can be visited from may to October. The tour lasts about an hour. Inside the caves the temperature stays at 16°C, so tourists require the appropriate equipment.