/ / Caves of cava d Ispica: photo description (Cava d'ispica)

Caves of cava d Ispica: photo description (Cava d'ispica)

Caves of cava d Ispica is a huge crack with length of 13 km, situated between the towns of Ispica and Modica. She literally covered Parking cavemen, starting with the Neolithic era, small temples and necropolises.

Study tour to the gorge consists of two parts. The Northern part of the gorge (between Ipicol and Modica) is open to the public and easily accessible, while the second half is farther from the paved trails and includes many monuments that are difficult to detect without special training. It is best to go to the caves as part of an organized tour group. Another section of the gorge known as the Parco della Forza, is located outside Ispica.

Actually, the cave of the cava d Ispica is known for its paleo-Christian catacombs 4-5th centuries, United with the impressive size of the funeral hall. In the Grotte Cadute you can see the residential complex on several levels, the openings in the ceiling and carved into the cave walls of the stage allowed the residents to move from one level to another with the help of poles and ropes. Nearby is the Church of San Nicola and Spezieria (the title refers to the mythical monk-the pharmacist preparing medicinal drug here).

A little away from the caves, on plateau, now dotted with stone walls, there are ruins of the Byzantine Church of San Pagrati, and even further you can find the tomb with decorative pilasters and a double entrance and the cave Grotta dei Santi with fragments of frescoes. In the same area is the Grotta della Signora with the sacred source and the traces of ancient wall paintings.

The territory of the Parco della Forza has been inhabited since Neolithic times, but in the middle of the 20th century, it was abandoned. In the Middle ages the plateau above the gorge was fortified by the erection of the citadel near the so-called Palazzo Marginale. A small fortress has preserved several churches, including the Chiesa del Annunziata with 26 graves in the floor. In this area there is the cave of the Scuderia, so called because in the Middle ages it housed the stables. On its walls are traces of images of horses. But perhaps the most outstanding attraction is the Parco della Forza, is Cantonale - incredibly long staircase of 240 steps, carved directly into the rock. Its construction is not known. Along it put hundreds of slaves who had collected the water, oozing from underground sources.