/ / Platform Paguro: photos, description (Paguro Platform)

Platform Paguro: photos, description (Paguro Platform)

Platform Paguro is an interesting dive spot in the surroundings of Ravenna. The platform rests on the seabed just in front of Porto Corsini.

29 Sep 1965 in Ravenna was a disaster: during drilling deposits of methane in the accident platform Paguro, located in the open sea, exploded and sank. She was buried to a depth of 25 m at 14.5 miles from the coast of Marina di Ravenna. Then killed three people.

Soon the remnants of this crash were very attractive place for diving among the lovers of sport diving. Because in addition to the platform itself you can see many sea creatures that have found refuge in this artificial reef. The most frequent invertebrates - echinoderms sea stars. Crustaceans can be seen lobster, shrimp-mantis and several types of crabs. Fish in the vicinity of the platforms are typical inhabitants of the rocky sea bottom, which, however, are very rare in other parts of the North-Western Adriatic sea: breams, sea ruffs, perches and eels.

Water clarity in the wreck of the Paguro platform varies from a few tens of centimeters up to 15-18 meters. The current here is always directed from North to South and is strongly dependent on the tides. In the warm season the surface water warms up to 22 ° C and at a depth of 18 meters is 16. However, we should not forget about the currents, where the water temperature can drop to 10-12 ° C. In General, the diving in these places is quite complicated, though interesting.

In 1995 year was established a special Association Paguro to regulate the flow of wanting to see the remains of the crash and to protect marine biodiversity.