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Piazza Venezia: photo description (Piazza Venezia)

On the Western side of Piazza Venezia is the Palazzo Venezia, built by Bernardo Rossellino project of Leon Battista Alberti. This building housed the Embassy of Venice in Rome. As Venetian property, he during the occupation of Venice by the Austrians belonged to the Austrian Imperial government until 1916. Later it became the seat of the government of Mussolini. Now the Palace housed two museums: the national Museum of Palazzo Venezia (Museum of decorative arts and Museum of Alternation, where you can see wax figures and recreated the interior of the last Cabinet Mussolini.

The Church of San Marco, which rises on the homonymous square, built almost in the Palace of Venice, although it refers to the IV century. Indeed, its Foundation dates from the reign of Pope Mark. In connection with the alterations of the Palace of Venice, the Church was rebuilt during the pontificate of Paul II, their native Venetian family, barbeau, and in the XVIII century in accordance with the requirements of the era it was reconstructed in the Baroque style, especially its interior. The facade of the Church decorated with a portico of three arches and elegant loggia, designed by Giuliano da Maiano.