/ / The area of the Gesu', Piazza Gesu Nuovo)

The area of the Gesu', Piazza Gesu Nuovo)

Piazza del gesù Nuovo decorated with magnificent Baroque column of the virgin Mary, which in the first half of the eighteenth century worked: architect Dzh. Genuine, Builder John. di Fiore, sculptors M. Bottiglieri and F. Pagano. Bronze statue of the Madonna standing on a Crescent moon and trampling on a serpent, crowned with a halo with 12 stars. the height of the column is 30 meters.

A magnificent backdrop of the column is the faceted facade of the Church of gesù Nuovo, converted by the Jesuits at the turn of XVI - XVII centuries from Renaissance Palazzo, Sanseverino, which is preserved only intricately decorated with reliefs of stone facad. The three-aisled interior of the Church is in the shape of a Greek cross crowned by a dome, was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1688. In the chapel of the Church houses the remains of St. Giuseppe Moscati (1880 - 1927), Neapolitan physician disinterested, canonized in 1987 and devoutly revered citizens.