/ / Piazza Cavour: photo description (Cavour Square)

Piazza Cavour: photo description (Cavour Square)

In Piazza Cavour, which is the cultural center of Rimini, is the Teatro Communale. The theater was opened 1857 staging of Giuseppe Verdi's Opera "Harold". During the Second world war the building was heavily damaged. Preserved only its facade.

In front of the theatre on the square is the monument to Pope Paul V established here in the early XVII century. And next is an even older fountain (1543) "Bump" in the form of three concentric terraces, crowned by a marble shot.

Arengo Palace was built at the beginning of the XIII century during the reign of Domestic de Carbonize. Since ancient times the Palace was considered the symbol of the free city-commune and today it houses the municipal office. In his long life, the Palace was repeatedly rebuilt, but in 1926 the architect Gaspare Rastrelli returned the building to its original appearance.

The brick façade of the building is decorated maticulate in the form of a dovetail. The main room of the Palace, the Sala del-Arango fresco "the last judgment" of the fourteenth century works of the artist from the Giotto school. Carlo Goldoni suggested to use the Palace as a theatrical scaffolding and two centuries there were performances of plays by the famous playwright.

Next to Palazzo del Arengo is Palazzo del podestà, built in 1330-ies. Arches and five small Windows decorate the facade of the Palace. And forked prongs-mashikuli not only decorate the building but are necessary in the defense, turning a graceful Palazzo-fortress.