/ / Square Prato della Valle: photo description (Prato della Valle)

Square Prato della Valle: photo description (Prato della Valle)

Prato della Valle square in Padua, the size of which is 90 thousand sq. m. It is the largest square in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe. Today it is a huge space with a green island in the centre of Isola, Memmia - surrounded by a small channel, and two rows of statues.

Before 1635, the year the territory of Prato della Valle was a partially swampy area of land South of the old city walls of Padova. In 1636, the year a group of noble inhabitants of Venice and of the Veneto region funded the construction of a temporary, but luxurious theatre to conduct mock battles and horse races. Musical entertainment which served as prologue to the fights, today, are considered the forerunners of the first public Opera performances in Venice.

In 1775, the year Andrea Memmo, whose statue can be seen in the square, decided to take the reclamation of these lands and the transformation of territory in urban space. However, it completely major project approved by Domenico Cherat, Professor of architecture in Vicenza and Padua, and was not completed.

Initial work for the installation of sewage and drainage of the territory was entrusted to Simone, Stratico. In the course of these works was brought to light remains of the Roman theatre, which changed the purpose of the project and turned it into a project to create a natural space for residents.

He Memmo, by the way, lived here, in the future, Prato della Valle, the Palazzo Angeli, a 15th century. Around future area already housed many of the city's monuments of history and architecture - the Abbey of Santa Giustina, the neoclassical Loggia, Amulea, many old palaces 14-18 th centuries. Since its inception, the Prato della Valle has become a favorite place of rest of paduana. However, in the 1990-ies the area for some time was launched, but today it is completely reconstructed. In summer you can see many tourists and citizens who walk, ride skate, sunbathe, and just relax. Especially beautifully here in the New year's eve and in mid-August during the celebration of the Annunciation when the area is illuminated by fireworks. In a historic Palazzo Angeli houses the Museum Precinema", dedicated to the visual arts before the invention of cinema. Around Prato della Valle statues set 78 - 40 in the outer ring 38 in the interior.