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Piazza Bra: photos, description (Piazza Bra)

Piazza Bra is one of the largest squares of Verona, commercial and social centre of the city. Some consider it the largest in all of Italy. To get to the square, go through the gate Portoni della Bra, leading from the Corso Porto Nuova. The gates represent the two toothed arches, once part of the city wall, built in the late 14th century during the reign of Duke Gian Visconti. Near Portoni della Bra is pentagonal Torre Pentagon, also the former part of the city wall.

In the centre of Piazza Bra there is a small Park with cedars and pines, in which is a bronze statue of the first king of Italy Victor Emmanuel II, the monument to the Italian partisans who died during World war II, and the fountain of the Alps with memorial plaques donated by Verona twin cities.

Among the interesting buildings, whose facades overlooking the Piazza Bra, it is necessary to highlight the Palazzo Barbieri was built in 1838 in neo-classical style, and the Palazzo della Gran Guardia, built between 1610 and 1820 on the South side of the square. Both the Palace was completed under the supervision of architect Giuseppe Barbieri, whose name today is one of Palazzo. Today it is a city municipality. And in the Palazzo Gran Guardia place for conferences, meetings and exhibitions.

Finally, at the very edge of the square you can see the famous Amphitheatre of Verona, erected in the era of Ancient Rome, and the small Church of San nicolò al arena. The amphitheater is now used as a venue for music concerts and Opera productions - in can accommodate up to 22 thousand people! Nearby are many cafes and restaurants, always full of visitors.