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Piazza Vecchia: photos, description (Piazza Vecchia)

Piazza Vecchia - Old town Square, located in the so-called Upper city of Bergamo, is a recognized symbol of the city. It was created in the early 14th century, and its present form has acquired during the reign of the Venetian Republic. In the southern part of the square is dominated by Palazzo della Ragione, built in the period of existence independent of the municipality of Bergamo, the City Tower, built in the 12-15 th centuries and also known as Campanone - "a Huge bell, ancient Domus, Suardorum (14-15 th centuries), now owned by the University of Bergamo. North square will be closed the 17th-century white marble facade. It was built for the municipality, and today it houses the city library Angelo Mai, which houses over half a million volumes of books. Completing the elegant ensemble of Piazza Vecchia fountain, donated in the 18th century by the Venetian podestà Alvise Contarini and bears his name.

Just behind Piazza Vecchia is another, not less important city square - the Piazza Duomo with its numerous monuments. So, you can see the Cathedral of Bergamo, built by the architect filarete and several times rebuilt. The scenery of its interior decoration was completed only at the end of the 19th century. Attraction of the Cathedral is the chapel of the Crucifixion with the crucifixion of the 16th century and the apse with seven paintings by Tiepolo.

There, on the Piazza Duomo, stands the luxurious Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore with its famous lion's gate - Porta dei Leoni Bianchi and Porta dei Leoni Rossi. Near the Basilica is located the Cappella Colleoni was built in the 15th century by the architect Amadeo. The chapel is the mausoleum of the famous condottiere Bartolomeo Colleoni and his daughter. On the side of the Chapel is visible from the staircase leading to the entrance to the Bishop's Office. Passing through the richly frescoed Hall of Administration - Aula della Curia (11-12 th century), you can get into a small courtyard with a small temple in the center, built in the 11th century. Finally, noteworthy is the building of the baptistery. It was built in 1340, the year the architect Giovanni da Campione as part of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. However, it was later altered in a separate building. The interior of the baptistery is decorated with high reliefs with the image of Christ.