/ / Piazza delle Erbe: photos, description (Piazza Dell Erbe)

Piazza delle Erbe: photos, description (Piazza Dell Erbe)

The Piazza delle Erbe, whose name in Italian means "square of the herbs" is the oldest square of Verona, located on the site of the ancient Roman forum. In Roman times it was the center of political and economic life of the city.

In the center stands the fountain of the Madonna Verona, built in 1368 by order of Cansignorio della Scala, which was used in the Roman statue of the late 4th century. Now it depicts the virgin Mary. Here you can see the 13th-century aedicule, a small building where he was inaugurated as head of the city administration (Podesta). Today, the aedicule is called "Berlin".

From all sides of the rectangular Piazza delle Erbe is surrounded by buildings built in different historical periods and have become tourist attractions. Here you can see the Gothic House of Merchants, which in the Middle ages was located a professional Corporation. In 1301 near it was built an arched loggia, and in the 19th century after the restoration of the house appeared gablinske teeth. Today it is the people's Bank of Verona. Nearby is the medieval Palazzo Maffei - luxury building with statues of ancient deities: Jupiter, Apollo, Venus, Minerva, mercury and Hercules. And in front of the Baroque Palace rises the column with the winged lion symbol of the Venetian Republic, which ruled here for four centuries. The Palazzo is adjacent to the tower Del Gardello built in 1370. Another interesting structure is the Mazzanti House, whose facade in the 16th century was decorated with frescoes. Finally, you should pay attention to the Lamberti tower, built in 1172. This 83 meter high tower is popularly known as the "tower bells" because in the mid-15th century it was equipped with bells, Regnault and Marigona. Among the other buildings of the area can be noted the ancient Palazzo del Comune and the House Giudici.