/ / Piazza Duomo and the Cathedral: photos, description (Piazza Duomo and Duomo di Messina)

Piazza Duomo and the Cathedral: photos, description (Piazza Duomo and Duomo di Messina)

Piazza Duomo and the Cathedral, one of the main attractions of Messina. Arriving in the city tourists invariably stop here to admire the fountains, distinctive bell tower of the Cathedral and, in fact, the Cathedral itself, built in the Norman style.

The fountain of Orion was built by the engineer Giovanni Angelo of Montorsoli, a follower of the great Michelangelo in honor of the appearance of the first city aqueduct and dates from the 16th century. Luxury classic fountain is a composition of four rivers — the Nile, Tiber, Ebro and Canaro. The upper bowl of the fountain topped by a statue of Orion, the mythical founder of Messina.

The square is dominated by the Cathedral with its striking facade. It was built during the Norman domination in Sicily, but later rebuilt after it was destroyed by the Saracens. Then, for several centuries it was the center of religious life of the city until 1908, was not in ruins during the devastating earthquake that erased me from the face of the earth. From the original building has been preserved only fragments of walls. Reconstruction of the Cathedral began in 1919 — the architects tried not only to adhere to the original Norman style, but added elements of later periods. That's why today in the building you can see traces of Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Facade of the Cathedral is decorated with reliefs depicting scenes of everyday city life 14th century from the cultivation fields to livestock. Three entrances to the Cathedral done in the Gothic style.

Special mention deserves the bell tower, also built in the early 20th century, she stands to the left of the facade of the Cathedral. From the top of the bell tower offers spectacular views of Messina. Each side of the square bell tower decorated with a clock with signs of the zodiac and the Golden mechanical figures which move at noon.