/ / Piazza UNITA d'italia: pictures, description (Piazza Unita d'italia)

Piazza UNITA d'italia: pictures, description (Piazza Unita d'italia)

Piazza UNITA d'italia, the largest European square facing the sea, the main square of Trieste. The creation of this area was the final demonstration of strength, power, and the fortresses of the great Austro-Hungarian Empire, whose existence came to an end. Come to mind the past acts of a theatrical performance with the release of the main actors that made this city great: the government building in art Nouveau style, the building Assicurazioni Generali and Lloyd Triestino house and City Hall, the last of the buildings built here.

In the past the site of the modern Piazza Unità d'italia was located the city's port - the blue marks on the pavement indicate the boundaries of the former embankment. In addition, the sea area was separated by the building that stood along the shore. For many decades there was going to the citizens for important issues and celebrate common holidays. Here on 2 July 1914, the year landed on a funeral boat with the bodies of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sofia, whose murder put an end to the existing world and resulted in the First World war. And in November, 1918, the year crowds of the inhabitants of Trieste with excitement and joy expecting the arrival of the destroyer "Audace", marking the birth of a new Italy. On this same square in 1938, the year Mussolini, standing on a specially constructed pedistal, announced the entry into force of the terrible, racist laws. His speech was broadcast by radio to all areas of Italy and outside the country. In memory of this sad day in September of the 2013th year in the square was a bronze plaque.

Today, merchants, sailors, tourists and idle revelers flock to the beautiful Piazza Unità d'italia - not accidentally the inhabitants of Trieste lovingly call the area "city living". This is the best place in town to meet guests! Townspeople are found here, as before, to drink a Cup of coffee at the bar or enjoy an aperitif with views of the sunset.