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Piazza Ferrari: photos, description (Piazza de Ferrari)

Spianata Castelletto is located between the old part of Genoa and its business centre is the main square of the city. It was originally called the square of San Domenico, because it was a Church of St. Dominic. In the early 19th century, the Church was dismantled during the restoration works held under the direction of architect Carlo B. Its current name the square got in the late 19th century under the name of standing next to the house of the Duke and patron of Raphael de Ferrari. In 1879 it was a bronze monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi sitting on his horse, and in 1936 in the center of the square there is a monumental fountain, which later became one of the symbols of Genoa together with La Lanterna. In 2005, the neighborhood was opened metro station Ferrari.

Today, the Piazza de Ferrari is the main place of Genoa to host public demonstrations and concerts. On all sides it is surrounded by historic buildings, which are now popular tourist attractions. Here you can see the side façade of the Doge's Palace, the Church of Jesus, the stock exchange Palace, built in 1912, the main theatre Carlo Felice and Museum of the Academy of fine arts of Liguria, founded in the mid 18th century. The last two buildings were built by the same Carlo B, a local native, in 1825. In addition, nearby are many offices, banks and insurance companies, which makes the area of the financial and business centre of Genoa.