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Pontedera: photo description (Pontedera)

The small town of Pontedera in 1924 is inextricably linked with Genoan engineer Rinaldo Piaggio, which that year moved part of its aircraft manufacturing company. After World war II his factory was turned into a factory for the production of motorcycles, which literally changed the appearance of the city. Today in Pontedera Piaggio a Museum, which displays many models of aircraft manufactured in his factories, but also houses a vast historical archive. And in a large hangar in front of the plant Piaggio the Centre of Sant Anna Valdera, working in the field of information technology and robotics.

In addition, recently Pontedera became the center of modern art is due to the construction of the exhibition centre Otello, Cherry and placement of many sculptures in the gardens of the city and its squares. Especially popular so-called Designer Benches in the Piazza Garibaldi. In the original Museum under the open sky, you can see such works as "the Wall" by Bach, "Oleander" Carmassi, Bull Casely, Young woman Vanga and others.

In 2009 in Pontedera opened "Centrum Sete Sois Sete Luas" - a cultural centre, leading its origin from the eponymous festival dedicated to popular music and plastic art. Here with contemporary art, cultural tourism, Handicrafts and local food and wine promotes the art and culture of the Mediterranean countries and the countries speaking the Portuguese language.

Not less popular in Pontedera and theatre art: in the new Teatro Era are staged avant-garde performances, have already acquired international fame. All year round in Pontedera, as well as the surrounding towns, and Treggiaia of Montecastello offers a variety of cultural, musical and theatrical events. In addition, every Friday, as far back as 1417 year, here is held the fair of San Luca is one of the largest in the whole of Tuscany.