/ / The port of Marina Grande: photos, description (Marina Grande)

The port of Marina Grande: photos, description (Marina Grande)

Marina Grande, the main port of the island of Capri, located to the North of the main town of Capri and at the foot of Monte Solaro.

Marina Piccola located on the South shore of the island, was the forerunner of the Marina Grande and served as a port in the days of the Roman emperors Augustus and Tiberius. The territory of Marina Grande, in turn, was a fishing port not far from it the ancient Romans built the Palazzo a Mare, from which up to the present day survived only the ruins. In the time of Tiberius the port was fortified. Interestingly, Capri was the first in the Campaign destination where the Greeks, and still in the guise of local residents you can see the characteristic Greek traits.

In the 7th century, near Marina Grande died Bishop of Costanza, after which he was declared the patron Saint of the island of Capri. The Church, named in honor of San Costanzo, situated between Marina Grande and Anacapri.

Until 1928, the year ships and boats were moored to the shore right in the Bay of Marina Grande, but later the port became more like a seaside resort - here is the biggest beach on the island. On the Bay, overlooking the port, a small square, around which is typical for Capri home with the typical terraces, balconies, open verandas and colorful facades. On a high pedestal at the end of the West Wharf you can see the Corinthian Capitel evidence of the presence here of the ancient Romans.

Between Marina Grande and Naples are regularly ferries and boats you can also take a tour to the Blue Grotto. A funicular railway links the port with the Central square of the city Piazzetta, and on the bus to go to Anacapri.

One of the attractions of Marina Grande is the mountain of Monte Solaro is the highest peak of Capri (589 meters). It is worth to explore the Fortino di bruto - blockhouse, used during the battles between Britain and France in the early 19th century. The mountain is very popular among artists, due to open with her views of the Tyrrhenian sea and the Gulf of Naples. To get to the top is relatively easy, and you can see an interesting monument of architecture of the Eremo di Santa Maria a-Cetrella and a statue of Emperor Augustus, the first landed on Capri.